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Sahryes Mission is to Evade Capture, She FAILS

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Brunettes, crotchrope, ethnic, outdoors, pantyhose
Video language: English

Sahrye has been in training to become a Secret government super spy. She has passed all background checks and she scored very well on her written tests, but now it's time to start training in the field. It is completely different. For this test, she will be dropped in the middle of a jungle. Under normal circumstances and with her survival knowledge, this would be an easy challenge, but today her arms and elbows are bound tight with rope. She must make it to safety and evade capture. She decides to leave her arms bound instead of finding something to cut the bindings. In her training she has learned how to make a knife out of bones for instance, but she makes the wrong choice and decides to just try and make it. She starts frantically making her way through the dense jungle. She walks and sometimes runs as she is spooked by the noises. She trips and falls, but manages to get back to her feet. After a while, a hand suddenly clasps firmly over her mouth. She has been captured and has failed already. She will now get a small taste of what might happen when she is really captured. She is shoved next to a tree and her neck is tied to it. He manhandles her tits and rips open her sweater, he runs his hands all over her body and smacks her ass for a while. He walks away. You hear breaking branches as Sahryestruggles and jiggles as she tries to get the mosquitos and bugs off of her. He soon emerges from the foliage with a long tree branch with a curve in the middle. He has learned to adapt and use what is available to him. This is what Sahrye must eventually learn. He places the branch on her upper back and shoulders. He ties it to her neck before he unties her elbows and wrists. They are then tied out to her sides and to the branch. He orders his captive to spread her legs a foot apart. Sahrye spreads them wide. Although she looks very nice like this, he needs her legs closer so he can hobble her. She is also a bit chatty and it will be a long ways back to camp, so he improvises again. He cuts away her sweater and makes a gag out of it. He walks out of view for a minute, but soon returns with 2 large rocks. They are tied to the ends of the tree branch. He knows that a long walk through the jungle while hobbled and carrying swinging weight will physically wear her down. He also knows that a physically worn out prisoner will break and cooperate much easier and faster. You see, the program is set up so that when she fails she still learns from her captors. A rope is wrapped around her waist and between her legs. Her captor will use this as a leash as they make their long journey back to camp. He grabs the leash and gives it a yank and they start their journey. At the very end of the clip is a few seconds of behind the scenes footage.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:56
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2914kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 377.7 MB